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We launched in November 2023 with a simple mission: bringing families together, unplugging from screens, and showing everyone how awesome game nights can be!

Plus, we're all about keeping it humble and making a positive impact. That's why we're chipping in to help the neurodiverse community avoid homelessness in the UK by donating a chunk of every deck sold to a charity. When you grab our game, you're not just having a blast—you're also lending a hand to folks who could use some support. Thanks for thinking about our game and potentially being part of this awesome cause!

Find out more about Gasperton Games and our Founders; Martin & Diana.

Rising dead hand - rising from the grave - zombies revenge - the rising - shithead zombies. Family card games

Because we believe everything can be improved, we have turned something good into something great by adding in exceptionally designed standalone magic cards that will make the gameplay even more exciting and unpredictable.

ZomGet your toxic vaccine with the zombie nurse - take your shot - be a zombie - government mandated "help" - sexy zombie - fast zombie. Strategy game

Introducing SH*THEAD ZOMBIES, the awesome remake of the beloved card game “Shithead”. With its awe-inspiring designs and captivating artwork, this reimagined version breathes new life into the classic game

Prison officer zombie - tough zombie - ultimate adversary - team ready - body armour - knock out those zombies -  ultimate card game -

Did you know that approximately 12% of homeless people are Autistic and 8-24% have ADHD (Gallagher, 2023)? These figures reflect the lack of support to these groups which is why we are committed to helping the neurodiverse community by giving part of our profits to a charity that supports this growing population.

Crazy Scientist - Jack - Chemicals - card game - zombies - lab coat - mixing chemicals - scientist zombie - family card games


In our game, adding a bandana to the loser who gets crowned makes the loss a bit more hilarious and embarrassing. Picture this: not only did you lose, but now you're adorned with a bandana—a playful badge of honour signifying that, well, you lost big time! It's that extra touch of playful teasing that turns a loss into a memorable moment.

Band Of Shame to crown the loser - The Ultimate Mugging Off - SH*THEAD - Loser - Make Your Friends Wear the Band Of Shame - hot to embarass your friends
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